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Reflexology is a process or technique of massage in which the reflex points of the body is focused and receives the massage to treat different types of illness and tension. These points are located on our feet, hands, palms and head. When you do not want to use any oil or other product on your skin you can try reflexology massage.

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If you are looking for reflexology expert in Norfolk & Cambridgeshire then Natural Healing Clinic is the right place for you to visit. We apply pressure on the reflex points of your feet and hands. A specific movement of thumb and fingers is involved in this process. Our massage experts are well aware of this technique and they know how to apply the required amount of pressure on those areas to offer you relaxation and healing.

Foot Massage Service
Reflexology Massage

Best Features

  • No oil or lotion or any other product is used in this massage therapy.
  • Our experts apply pressure on the target areas with the help of their thumbs and fingers.
  • It is good for treating stress and aches which can be developed due to excessive work pressure.
  • This kind of massage is great to get relief from recurring pain.

Our massage clinic has the best setup to offer you the most effective reflexology.



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